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Going away on business is usually a two-sided process. From the business point of view, you get a task that you need to do. Attending a meeting or signing an important contract would make that side of a business travel. On the other side stands the leisure part, in which you should try to get around every new city that you visit. Although it seems that combining these two sides is tiresome and exhausting, a business trip will be very boring if you do not spice things up a bit.


Meet the locals, try the food


The point of every business trip is making business deals and bringing gains to your company. However, it would be a shame not to visit or see at least the most famous sights. Depending on the amount of your free time, you could ask your local hosts to take you around the town. In addition, try as many local specialties as possible. Eating at fast food restaurants is a safe play, but why not indulging your taste buds in a traditional local meal. It will help you remember that place through those specific tastes and smells. What you should pay attention to are hygienic standards, so avoid street food vendors. Only those recommended by your local hosts should be taken into consideration.


If possible, try to go out at night and feel the rhythm of night life. It would be more than pleasant after a gruelling meeting. Even better would be doing the same with the colleagues from the business venue.


Business benefits of leisure time


If there is an organized dinner or a party after a convention or a business event, it is also a perfect opportunity to accomplish additional business contacts and deals. People are more relaxed on such occasions and they easily adapt to the overall easy-going ambience of those parties. Of course, being pushy should be avoided, but you could make great acquaintances for future business deals.


However, if the organizer of the business event does not throw a party, you could still make an initiative, gather some colleagues and go pub crawling or clubbing. Making friends and contacts in that way could also take you to different parts of the world. Maybe you meet business fellows that really like travelling and go on vacation to Tahiti with them. You can never tell what business trips might bring you. However, avoid making out with your colleagues, because you never know what consequences such an adventure might have on your job.


Explorers for better results


If you happen to attend a meeting or a conference in a town that is close to an interesting natural attraction, always try to take another day to go for a walk or ride to those attractions. It would be a shame to go to Paris and not to visit Boulogne Forest. Businesspeople that are at the same time explorers tend to yield better results and stay in a better physical shape. Physical condition is often the decisive feature in long and tiring business negotiations.  


Whenever it is possible, try to combine business and leisure features of a business trip. That way you will be useful for the company, but you will also experience many interesting things. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 



    very well said Mr. Vipul, we should always try to make small trips during business travel it makes us refresh for next business meeting.


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