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There are many things towards which we should look for in the upcoming months. Many things that already exist will soon fall from lips of everyone in the business. Many business intelligence trends are already on the rise, and will reach their peak in the following days. Here is the list of the 5 business intelligence trends which you should definitely follow in 2016.


Visual Data Discovery

Even the data scientists have problems with the huge amount of big data collected. Once they step inside the data, they have no idea where it might lead. And so they begin their analysis with visual data discovery in order to find any patterns or clues in data sets that at first sight seem completely impenetrable. There are many data visualization tools which help them in this endeavor to discover the relationship between data elements across multiple sets for data analysis. Similar to visual data discovery, other tools such as exploration visual tools will allow you to dig even deeper inside Big Data in order to find even better results. In 2016, exploration visual analytics will reach their peak, and overall data reading and analyzing will become more effective and much easier for everyone.


Data Virtualization



This business intelligence trend is definitely something to look after in the months to come. Namely, data virtualization is all about integrating any data from real time into coherent data services which support business transactions, analytics and other patterns. Agile data integration is incoming I 2016, and along with it the approaches which see data as a virtual and abstract layer, totally independent of other database systems, structures and storage methods.


2016 is the Evolution of Self-service Business Intelligence



Remember how ATMs evolved from a simple money dispenser to a complete bank-account management terminal? The same thing will happen with the self service, for it will mature, evolve and spread to the masses. The self service will not be delivered through tools; instead, it will become integrated in many apps and interfaces. Self-service analytics will take it to the entire next level, and the entire business intelligence will not be just for analysts. This will lead to more and more companies boosting their businesses with self-service data processing tools. Having a reliable business intelligence software which keeps evolving is crucial for running a successful business.




The term bootstrapping has totally different meaning and interpretation for programmers, entrepreneurs and statisticians. In terms of business intelligence to look after in 2016, it stands for yet another strategy of analyzing data that at first sight seems impenetrable. Basically, it works by building a complex analysis from a very simple starting point, and by doing it over and over again, it will estimate the accuracy of your entire estimates about the data set. The model is self-evolving, meaning that it learns from every previous model and data. Therefore, its rise this year will be a blast, especially in the field of data analysis.


New Technologies Will Rise to Fill in the Gaps



There are a number of new technologies arising inside the field of business intelligence. Once they are launched to the market, many gaps are left unfilled. New companies will rise to do just that- fill the gaps left by others. NoSQL data integration, IoT data integration, Hadoop accelerators, new and improved social media – all of these provide great opportunities for companies to start up. The “gap fillers” will rise in 2016 and many companies will see this opportunity as their own, and seize it. This will lead to a market consolidation. Once this happens, all those single solutions will now embrace the probability of other new solutions included by these new technologies.


Big data will become more familiar this year, and we will finally be able to visualize everything. Our homes will become offices optimized for data analysis, smart appliances will be everywhere and our life will change with the addition of all these smart applications. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 



    My vote goes to bootstrapping! Great article 🙂


    I am only concerned that the visualization of the data is going to lead to less concrete and precise analyses. Do you have an opinion on that?


    It’s high time analytics of any kind got automatized. I am fully on board with this trend, though I feel I’d dislike AI HR managers more than I dislike the regular kind 😀


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