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On 05th September 2016 Shweta Singh D/O Tej Singh was found dead at her home. 05th September 2016 was her school holiday on the occasion of Teacher’s Day and Ganesh Chaturthi.


05th September 2016, Full Day Report


05th September 2016, Morning


At 07:00 AM

Father Tej Singh was getting ready for his office, and he noticed that Shweta was not in her room. He tried to call Shweta but she did not pick up the phone. As it was normal for his father because she usually goes to morning walk on holiday.


Around 07:40 AM

Father Tej Singh left home for office. On his way, he made many calls to Shweta but she did not pick the call.


Around 08:47 AM

Vipul (Her Sister’s Friend) received a call from Shweta Singh.


Around 09:00 AM

Vipul met with Shweta Singh and collected food items from her.

As per Vipul statement Shweta was normal like as usual.

She was happy and cracking jokes.

And at same time she was talking with Rahul (her boyfriend) on phone.

Vipul left from Shweta’s home around 09:15AM.


05th September 2016, Evening


Around 08:00 PM


* Neha received a call from her father Tej Singh, and he told to Neha that Shweta is found dead at home.

* Neha and Vipul then rush to Tej Singh’s home.

* In the mean while Vipul received a call from Rahul Arora(Shweta’s boyfriend) and he told that  Shweta is not picking up phone call.

* Vipul told Rahul Arora that she is dead, and Rahul reaction was normal at that time. (Seems like he already knows everything and was just confirming)

* And after reaching home they found Shweta Singh hanged with a heavy Trunk that was placed on slab of room.

* Vipul immediately dialed 100 number and tell the whole scenario to police.

* And then police took charge of whole scenario and dead body was handed over to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital for Post Mortem.



06th September 2016, Full Day Report


Around 12:15 PM –

Doctor of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital started Post Mortem at 12:00 PM and handed over body at 01:00 PM.



We are sure that it is a MURDER!!!


Fact 1:

According to Postmortem report and Police report – Shweta death is due to hanging by Ceiling Fan.

But below images proves that, Shweta death is due to hanging by trunk with bedsheet. (Lack of police investigation)

  • It is also mentioned in Postmortem that Her eyes were closed.
  • If it is a suicide by hanging, then how her eyes were closed?


Fact 2:

All the things on table was same as it was before, nothing was disturbed/ fallen on floor.

This proves murderer 1st kill her and then hanged her very professionally.



Fact 3:

All the messages were deleted by murderer from mobile except one, to show this as suicide.

At 09:19 am Shweta send message Rahul Arora – 

Aap ki life me mujh se jayada imp log hai to unke pass hi raho m aap ki life se ja rhi hu or kabhi nhi aaungi I hate hu aap kabhi mare liye kuch kaam nhi chodte na mr jaungi pr ab aap se kabhi nhi milungi mr gai m aaj se aap ke liye I hate uuuu”.

And then Rahul Arora call her around 09:41 AM. This was last call to Shweta and that was also deleted from call logs. To predict Shweta committed suicide after sending message.


Fact 4:

According to Rahul Arora, He did not met with Shweta on 4th and 5th Sept 2016.

But as per call details he was at Shweta’s home location.

Below call details proves that on 5th Sept 2016 at 10:01 AM his location was Shweta’s home location.


Mobile No.

(Rahul Arora)

Call Date

Call Time





Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




Dayal Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi




I am sure that Rahul Arora and his friends are involved in this murder.



Fact 5:

Brocken glasses clearly mention that murderer forcefully entered in the room and Shweta throw small mirror and Safi Tonic bottle to protect herself.




Fact 6:

One side of bed sheet was professionally tied (as photo shows knot) with Trunk handle.

  • A single person cannot twist a bedsheet to make rope.
  • A single person cannot tie knot so professionally.



Fact 7:

According to Postmortem report, Shweta death timing was 6 PM in evening.

Before her death she was washing clothes (School Dress) in washing machine for next day School preparation.

And most important was washing machine, as washing machine runs 2 times for washing clothes. 1st half for 30 minutes and 2nd half for 18 minutes and after 1st half machine alert for fresh water.

Clothes were partially washed and machine was alerting for water for 2nd time which is required to fill manually.


In that 30 minutes of first run of washing machine murderer come inside the house and killed her.


I request you to please investigate this case as we are really unsatisfied with Police and police is not taking interest in this case and even not registering FIR.

SI Birander Singh Yadav never shows his interest in this case, neither he call Rahul for investigation.

Every time when we try to follow up with police, SI Birander Singh Yadav was not present to help us. Even we contacted with SHO, he replied – “Accept it that she is died and we cannot do anything

Police is running away from this case and not taking any action.


We want justice for our Shweta Singh and also want FIR of this case.


Name              –           Neha Singh

Address          –           RZ 17/230, Dayal Park West Sagarpur, New Delhi – 110046

Mobile            –           9818625866, 9599199216



    Neha try to use twitter and facebook page of narender modi and delhi police comissinor and arvin kejriwal and also register a complain in delhi police website and documented all this in email and send them to higher authority.


    Request to the court to file FIR against the man whom u feel responsible.


    Neha please make use of social media (twitter,facebook) to pass on this information to our CM and delhi’s PM for the help as its a clearcase murder.


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