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Promotion and marketing are the two very important pillars for making a business grow and generate more and more revenue.


Traditionally every industry in the market was totally dependent on physical means of promotion and that too were very costly. Advertisements were made in the form of huge banners of products or services which were posted all over the town, printed promotions in newspapers and magazines, video ads on televisions, audio ads on radio channels etc. It gave a boom to their business but was very costly when compared to sales statistics, it was only beneficial for big giants of the industries. Spending on promotional stuff was a risk for small and medium firms.


Now, today with expansion of networking and connectivity through internet, the whole scenario has changed. It has given equal opportunities to everyone to show up their brands in the market. World’s biggest search engine has provided a platform for everyone who wants to show up themselves.


Why online promotion?


A recent survey conducted throughout the world has shown that individuals spent most of their time online on internet than any other work they do. Watching television, playing games outdoor have been out of trend now. So, if everyone spends most of their time on internet then why not promote ourselves continuously on virtual world only. Moreover, traditional ways of promotion were not audience specific but internet promotion is only for the specific audiences whom an advertiser wants to show. Various platforms are available online for promotions but Google AdWords is the topmost and the most reliable among all of them.


What is Google AdWords?


It is advertisement platform provided by Google to its account holders. Any Google account holder can run its ad about his business, firm, products, services etc. online using this service by paying a specific amount to Google. There is no boundation on expenditures on ads, one can spend as low as $1 to as high as $100 on their ads.


This works on PPC (pay per click) model where your will be charged only when someone open your link provided by you on your ad. The ranking of your ad would entirely depend on your bid on keywords and quality of your services.


Understanding the working mechanism of Google AdWords



Google AdWords is very complex and difficult to understand but for beginners they should know and understand at least basics.


Keywords and bidding on keywords are the basic components one must understand.

Okay, I will give you an overview of everything from starting.


  1. You make an AdWords account and start a campaign using tools in the AdWords toolbar. Easy huh!
  2. You make an Ad group. Even it is very easy stuff.
  3. Create an Advertisement. From here your real hard work starts. Your ad should be very catchy and attractive so that viewers get converted into your customers. If your ad is dull and uninteresting then you go in losses only. Always be transparent and honest in your ad otherwise Google would disapprove your ad.
  4. Selecting a keyword and making bid. Now here the real struggle starts. Choosing a right keyword and bidding a right amount on it is very crucial task.


One should calculate his sales statics and then make a right bid. Suppose if you sell a product which costs $50 and you make a bid of $40 -$45, then what will you earn and suppose the viewer clicks your ad and doesn’t buy your product then you will get charged by Google and you will go in huge losses.


Also choosing a keyword is also a task of high efficiency, suppose if you chose a generic keyword then you would find yourself in a rat race as so many ads would show up on a generic keyword. So, it is very important to learn or hire a professional keywords planner.


Now if you done all the above tasks perfectly but your landing page is not persuading to the viewer then your investment would go in losses only.


Making a persuading landing page


If a viewer clicks on your link then the user will be redirected to your page which is known as landing page. If your page doesn’t persuade and attract the user and converts them into your legitimate customers then all these ads campaign is nothing but a sheer waste of time.


So, it is important to make a landing page eye catching and attractive. Page should be user friendly and easy to open. Page should not be complex and confusing. Page should be transparent and honest to customers.


Follow all these steps and learn as much as possible.


For more help hire some professional.


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