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The Best Cities for Being a Tourist While on Business



In today’s travel world, it’s easy to combine business with pleasure. In fact, a full 83% of business travelers use their trips to explore their destinations as tourists in addition to getting work done.

World-class cities around the globe are home to deal-making and strategic business planning. They’re also great locations to explore in your free time. Here are our picks for the best sightseeing attractions for your next business trip:





London is one of the epicenters of the financial world. Therefore, it’s a premier destination for business trips of all kinds. However, with centuries of history, leisure travelers can find something of interest around every corner. Among the best places to visit include the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster. Book yourself a few extra days in a condo rental in London for your own explorations into the city’s diverse history and culture.





The Windy City is one of the most frequent destinations for business travelers in finance, publishing, food production, engineering, and the growing tech industry. Take a break from the conference room and check out must-see places like the Home of the Cubs at Wrigley field, the Willis Tower (aka, the Sears Tower), and the Art Institute of Chicago. Plus, there’s plenty of shopping and nightlife along the Magnificent Mile.


New York



New York doesn’t call itself the Big Apple in exaggeration. It’s a global destination for art, fashion, finance, theater, and more. Wall Street firms rule the roost, but there are also leading media and communications companies.


The iconic destinations are seemingly endless, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, and a glut of unique ethnic neighborhoods. Don’t forget the world-class museums like the Guggenheim, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.





The tourist hotspot of Cancun is not just for spring break. The city has become a go-to destination for meetings and conventions for the tourism and hospitality industries.


In addition to indulging in a little sea and sun, the nearby ruins of Chichen Itza, one of largest cities of ancient Mayan culture, are not to be missed.





The City of Brotherly Love is leading the way in bio-tech and financial services, and is on a major upswing. With its pivotal role in U.S. history, you can take in Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Or embrace being a tourist and run up the steps like Rocky Balboa to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is among the largest museums in the U.S.





Phoenix is the bustling city in the Arizona desert, and is quickly becoming known as the Silicon Desert for its burgeoning tech industry. With unlimited sunshine and open spaces, Phoenix and nearby Scottsdale has some of the best golfing in the country, including annual PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour events.


If it gets too hot, you can kick back at the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden, or dozens of other venues dedicated to the history of a variety of topics.





Canada’s busiest city is right on the border of the U.S. It’s an easy flight from anywhere in the U.S. for finance and manufacturing. With a cross-cultural mix of people, dining, and history, there’s plenty to take in by just wandering Toronto’s streets. There’s high-end shopping along Mink Mile, and the CN Tower soars above it all for amazing views.


San Francisco



The tech world of Silicon Valley, major financial headquarters, and new corporate headquarters for Google and Twitter are a frequent stop for business travelers to San Francisco. Layer onto that the history and local color that draws tourists from around the world, and you have a great business-and-pleasure combination.


Check out the seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf, head out to Alcatraz Island, and get those snapshots of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.





Mexico City is the nexus for business, tourism, and history in Mexico. Business travelers usually come from the world of pharmaceuticals and finance. As tourists, they can then step into the past to explore the Aztec ruins of Tenochtitlan.


With architecture dating back to the 16th century, the city is filled with gorgeous neighborhoods and major museums like the National Museum of Anthropology and the Palacio de Bellas Artes.


Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

How 2016 Marketing Trends Will Affect Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you are preparing your marketing plan for the upcoming year. Yet, you have no idea what awaits behind the corner, for forecasters are predicting that 2016 will be the year of big changes. One thing is certain – by the end of 2016, many new marketing trends will hit the market and most of them (if not all) will affect both small and large businesses. If you want to prepare your marketing plan to fully meet the expectations, these marketing trends listed below will help you in it. Let us take a look at what is forecasted to trend in 2016.


Search Engines





One thing to look after in 2016 is new competition between the search engines. Yes, Google has announced that they reach over 1 Trillion searches per day, and Yahoo and Bing are right behind them; however, thanks to the uprising of the social media, new ways of data searching are going to be exposed. In 2016, many social media posts are going to be indexed by Google search algorithm (many have already been indexed, like Twitter posts). Therefore, this is good news for you if you have already started using social media channels for promotion of your business. If you have not started doing so, it is about time or you might get stuck for good behind your competition.






As you already know, websites are becoming mobile-friendly and more and more people tend to turn towards smartphones. Reason – it is one of the best ways of reaching your targeted audience. Only in US, an average person spends around 2 hours a day on their smartphone. Keeping that in mind, you might want to build an app and put it out there, so that you can reach and sell your products and services to your clients via app.  Using an online app builder, you can easily create an app, even without some advanced technical knowledge. They are meant for both large corporations and small business, and if you do not have one, it is about time you create it. Google is already indexing apps in the search engine, and if yours happens to be indexed, it will appear on the front page of Google Store where everyone will see it.


Video is Evolving




They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine how many words you can fit in one video. In 2016, search engines will begin incorporating video ads into their search results. This will lead to more and more people actually seeing ads being posted on social media. There might be a concept solely for video ad searching. It is not a question of IF the video ad searching will be, but rather WHEN is it going to be available to everyone, and 2016 seems like the year for it. Video has a powerful message and it is a great way of conveying a message. One single video shared on any popular social media can reach hundreds and hundreds of people in no time. Also, it is very interactive and your customers can post comments and share your video.


Content is Still a Powerful Weapon




Basically, anything you do online categorizes as some kind of content, as long as its purpose is to engage and inform your customers about some recent events or something important. People all over the world are hungry for interesting and useful content, and the appetite just keeps growing. The value of it has reached critical demanding points, where content marketers have only 1 option – get as much as useful and engaging content they can. 2016 will be the year of customized content, and unique word-crafting will be paid the top dollar.


Basically, all of these marketing trends are driven by online behavior. This is how business is getting done at the moment, and digital marketing is the way of the future. It is your call whether you want to get on that train, or run after it. 2016 is definitely your last call for boarding. 


Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

How to Decide Whether to Outsource or Not?

One of the best feelings that a business owner can experience is keeping every aspect of their company in-doors. However, while pretty much a safe bet, this strategy involves more financial investment and is usually quite difficult to handle on one’s own. This is why owners often opt for outsourcing. Hiring staff without meeting them face to face really is a game of chance to a certain extent, but if you’re looking for prosperity in terms of your business, this type of gamble is pretty much unavoidable. Luckily, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind and refer to in order to bring the risk of outsourcing to a bare minimum.

What to Outsource?

Well, isn’t this a big one! Which part(s) of your business should you outsource? The answer to this question lies in more than just a mere sentence. First, you should always aim for retaining control over that which makes your company unique. For example, if you’re a burger shop owner that prides himself on unique meat taste, by no means should you go out looking for someone to fry them burgers for you. However, as far as buns go, it probably wouldn’t hurt to consider outsourcing this part of your business. The point of this basic example is this – find the things that make your business unique and make those your foundation, the rest you can outsource.

Make Your Website Truly Yours

One more thing we advise you to keep personally owned by your company is the digital part of it. A frequently seen and potentially disastrous mistake is one where a business owner lets a supplier have complete control over their domain. Without a personally owned domain name, you risk being taken down by programmers or software behind the site. Always own the web part of your business and never share registry level access with programmers.

Take Your Time

Finding an outside vendor to help save up a bit is a thing that should not be taken lightly. Once you’ve made a decision on which parts of your business you will allow broader access to, dedicate some time for outsourcing recruitment. Using various sites, find a company that fits your needs – allow their strengths to align with your business goals. This is why it’s of key importance to deal with the foundational parts of your company first, working your way towards covering the trivial parts (this is not to say ‘unimportant’) later on. When you’ve covered that which makes your business unique, you can dive into calculating whether to outsource whatever is left or not.

Keep in Touch

It is of utmost importance that you keep the lines open between you and the work that takes place out of your sight. Set periodical meetings in the flesh, or by using video chat. This will help avoid unnecessary delays and misunderstandings and keep both sides of the deal on the same page. Plus, it will give a face to those doing outsourced work for you and let you sleep better. Additionally, always send a memo after the meeting – this way you won’t forget the key points of the meeting and it will keep the other party in check.

Keep these points in mind when opting for outsourcing and you can rest assured that your business will grow. Outsourcing is a wonderful opportunity to prosper, but it can easily turn messy if not thought through diligently. Don’t let your brain scatter all over the place, by trying to tackle every aspect of your company simultaneously, but don’t leave the key parts of your business in hands of strangers either. Your business is your child – cherish it, nourish it and find a proper babysitter.

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

The 3 Action Packed and Breathtaking Books by Joseph Jenkins

This kickstarter campaign is about 3 action packed and breathtaking books Joseph Jenkins is going to publish through your support. Already a year in publication Joseph Jenkins first book Plato’s Cave has touched so many readers who have sent in testimonies about how the novel has changed their lives. His mission is to push the goal further. He wants to reach more people, touch more lives! But to reach more people and touch their lives he will need your help.

After experiencing the self-publishing process, he’s found certain things are necessary to reach even more people, marketing being a crucial one. But now he and his team have run out of budget. So Instead of folding and signing with a major publishing company (which usually does only 40% of the work) only to be controlled by what they want him to write. He’s turning to you to be part of the journey to inspire more people. All funds raised for this project will go towards radio promotions, marketing, inspirational tools and teachings, and the list goes on.

The more you give, the more you spread the word about this project, the more we can reach and make history! Joseph wants you to feel and experience like you are a part of this project so he has also included exciting exclusive incentives. He hopes they will encourage and prosper you.

Joseph Jenkins 3 Books are About

Plato’s Cave: One man is struggling with his finances, losing his family, and wants a better life. On his church mission trip an accidents happens and he ends up in this perfect society filled with no problems. The question is should he stay in this perfect society or venture back into the self-serving world we live in.

Faith, the existence of God: A college professor loses his temper during a debate with one of his students over the existence of God. He loses his job and searches for the proof of God existence. On the opposite side of town a former drug dealer wants to quit his wrong doings but is afraid of his boss the charismatic Drug Lord. The Drug Lord has a plan to take over the city which causes the college professor and former drug dealer to find a way to stop him.

That’s Why I sing: The story of the unbridled tenacious faith, 5 single woman use as they overcome the chauvinistic, prejudice, world we live in. 


Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Beyond Promotion: How to Turn a Small Construction Company into a Big Brand

No matter what your line of work is, if you are doing your job right the time will come when you will simply have to think about expansion. It’s natural, quality service is always appreciated, and especially in a field that is always in demand, like construction companies. You can always pass your clients and let the competition do the work, or you can start thinking about meeting those demands. It’s time to start thinking about turning your small company into a big brand.



To make things more clear, even if you are at the very beginning of your business, you can’t go wrong with investing some time and effort in your promotion. In fact, branding draws customers, and with just a few simple strategies you can get your name out there and make sure that you will get noticed. After that, it’s only a matter of providing a good service and keeping your clients happy. Here are a few essential steps that you need to go over before you start advertising your new brand.


Building a Message



Your target audience is your key factor. You need to find a way to address your potential clients and the first thing you have to do is to manage the demographics. You can find the total number of residents and nationalities of different ages easy, but that is far from enough and you should conduct a far more thorough search. For example, we will answer a few questions.

What you have to offer: Construction, building, installations, plumbing etc.

Who is in the need: Restaurants owners, office managers, homeowners etc.

What your clients have in common: All older than 30, all with a six figure income etc.

After you draw a conclusion who is your model consumer, think about addressing him and what is it that you want to say about you and your company. Don’t forget to spy on your competition and find a way to top everything that they have to offer. Now we will see how you are going to do it.


Marketing Strategy



A brand needs a logo, and although it would be smart a professional designer, you can give it a try yourself, so at least you will have a clear idea what is it that you want. The majority of people are simply visual learners, and they need something to identify with. Think about every detail, the color, the font, and possibly include a shape of a home or similar. That is the fun part. After that you do need a billboard, a banner, flyers and stickers and everything that could possibly promote you, but keep in mind that most people today use Facebook and other social media accounts and search engines to find local businesses. You need to invest in your marketing, and online is where you should do it. Paid advertisement, self promotion through social media, email offers with discounts and of course, a website. Cover all grounds. 


Establishing a Brand



It is not enough to just talk the talk, you also have to present your company as a respectable and a serious business. The days where you are showing up for work in a dirty van are over. Everything must reflect your impeccable status. Have uniforms with your logo printed out, and also include it in your receipts. Use only recognizable brands, but mind the quality as well, so consider using Bosch tools for example. Make your customers feel important and assured in your proficiency.  In the construction business referral is everything, and with your high performance and mouth-to-mouth advertising you will have a brand established in no time.

Now you need to expand and stay diligent. When people are thinking about the food they are thinking about McDonalds, when they think about the cars they think about Toyota or Ford, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t think of your company in the next decade when it comes to construction work. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

An Insight into Modular Data Centers


With so many people starting their businesses in today’s harsh market, it’s no surprise that a number of them are trying to be special and unique, in every way possible – aware than only those who stick out of the crowd become successful, they are finding new and innovative ways to be noticed. Those include new approaches in client communication, interesting and unusual locations or branding, as well as fresh marketing techniques and solutions.


Among the most fun ones are business owners who literally take their company on the road – we have all seen venders offering food, coffee and ice-creams out of food trucks, but there are those who provide medical services in mobile medical ambulance buses. One of those that have been gaining popularity is modular data center, so here are a few things you need to know about them.


The What and the Why




Modular data center systems are essentially an intricate upgrade of the regular, so-called traditional data centers, include the same equipment and enable the same operations, but their perks are mobility and accessibility. In short, both types of data centers are used to accommodate computers and servers, as well as all the entire technology needed to operate a certain system.

While generally housed in a closed space serving as a headquarters of the said system with electrical supplies, backups, storage and other items, they are also being taken outside of a closed space. This enables them to be more mobile, as well as move easily around the town. Finally, users and customers can have data capacity close-by – the same logic is used with currently quite popular food trucks, for example: they combine lower investment costs and easily operated device that ensures profit and excitement.


Modifications and Changes 



Modular data centers often contain all the components of a traditional data center, but they are modified, scaled and combined in order to occupy less space. First of all, they have to have the essentials – modules and components that run the servers, as well as power and network capacities, and cooling options – included by default, but what mobile options offer is the chance to be integrated into an existing environment. For example, if your company already has a data center, a mobile one can be added to it or combined with present systems. Also, since they are mobile, they can be moved from one place to another, and not only in the same town, but also worldwide.





There are basically two types of modular data centers, depending on their structure – they can be fitted into shipping containers and portable facilities. The first type, most often called containerized or portable modular data center, is fitted into a shipping container, a popular and solid structure that withhold harsh weather as well as accommodate numerous people and pieces of equipment. Due to its mobility and portable structure, you can take it anywhere you want and transfer as many times as needed. Among its biggest advantages are easy maintenance and quickly installed cooling systems.


Even though the second type of modular data centers doesn’t have a particular name and is less common than the first one, it still is high quality and satisfies the needs of the users. It’s build in facilities that are portable and made out of already made components, so it can be easily assembled and built where necessary. Also, it can present an additional space adjoined to the existing one. Using portability as an advantage, this type of mobile data centers is popular at not easily accessible locations and places.


Perks and Benefits



Since not all companies can afford data centers in separate buildings, or don’t even have a need for them, mobile solutions are gaining popularity and attention. There are several perks they include – from obvious mobility and lower costs (when compared to the traditional data centers) to ecologically aware production and eco-friendly usage. Their essence lies in quick setup, reasonable cost and the option of being combined with existing data centers.




Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Hints on Hosting a Perfect Corporate Event


When talking about business events, you are left with two options. Either you are going to organize and prepare everything yourself, or you are going to hire professionals to do it instead of you. Agencies that specialize in business events have the know-how and the personnel trained to organize splendid corporate events to a slightest detail, still if you make all the arrangements by yourself, it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.


The Purpose Makes the List


It goes without mentioning that the first thing you should know when planning any party, and especially in important one like a business event is the number of people you are going to invite. Then you should determine the purpose of the party. If you are throwing it only to socialize with your employees and colleagues, than the numbers are clear – you are inviting only the staff members and optionally their partners.


On the other hand, if you are planning to host a party as a prelude to making new business deals, you want to keep the tight ship and invite only those business partners and clients who can contribute to establishing future business cooperation. In the second case the event décor and the finalization should be more formal and businesslike. Basically, you want your party to reflect the best characteristic of your business philosophy.


Should You Go Pro?


Selecting a professional event consultant includes a lot of time coordinating, and going through the details, which sometimes can be time consuming even as much as if you did the whole nine yards alone. With this in mind, you can cut the costs and plan the whole affair on your own, and redirect the resources into the actual decoration or catering.


Outside or Inside


People like being outside. If you’re lucky to have a warm season, people will be more relaxed and open for new contacts and business talks, than they would be inside. The weather is a big consideration. In a recent chat with reputed suppliers of marquees, I learned that their renting business skyrockets in spring and early autumn, when the weather is still unstable. A suitable and affordable marque will protect your guest and food from unexpected showers. Inside parties, if executed properly can create more intimate atmosphere and bring the guests together.


Food Personalization


If you have ever organized any event, even a birthday party you are aware of the importance of personalized food. On a business event, personalized food can be an element of success or a total fail. Don’t forget to ask people you invite to respond if they have any dietary requests, for example if they are vegetarians, vegans or allergic to certain types of food. You wouldn’t like to have your prospect business associate choking on a piece of cake because you didn’t know he or she is allergic to peanuts.


Can I Fix You a Drink?


You can never go wrong if you diversify the drinks offer. If you procure only three or four sorts of drinks, the whole affair might seem cheap and inconsiderate. Some bars and bodegas offer the service of bringing their bar and drinks to your location, together with a cocktail master or a wine steward. You should especially focus on cocktails as they are very popular drink type at business events.

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Top Strategies to Gain Recognition for your Local Business

Making your business or brand recognizable is neither easy nor quick; on the contrary, it’s a lengthy process that requires both creativity and smart decision-making. In most cases, this requires professional marketing and sales staff within a company, which is not normally a convenient solution for small or local businesses. However, the good news is that with a wide variety of resources available for marketing and promotion nowadays, smaller companies can make good name with minimum investments.

This primarily refers to online strategies that don’t have to cost too much and that can be as powerful as any large-scale campaigns. Of course, there are also different offline promotion tactics that can as well help you in the process.

Local Online Listings

One of the greatest ways to improve awareness of a local business online is to dive into some clever online search strategies. If you already have a website and a full SEO strategy is not something you’re ready to engage in at the moment, there are several simple steps to take to make your company info available to web users.

Google, the greatest search engine out there, offers a set of suggestions for small businesses to improve their online visibility, with local search listings being some of the most popular among local companies. This you can do by adding your website to chosen business directories or creating different profiles on networks relevant to your industry, which puts you in front of your local prospects and connects you to other businesses.

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Social networks are widely used online channels and as such offer a great potential for local businesses that want to reach online audiences without necessarily investing too much in branding or promotion. There are plenty of rules for successful use of social media, and their primary advantage for local businesses is that they integrate location-based metrics in their campaigns.

By creating accounts on Facebook or FourSquare and encouraging your loyal visitors to engage with them, you already give boost to your online promotion strategies. Even running social media campaigns doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly undertaking and can generate lots of visitors and potential buyers from your region. Hereby, you must remember to always target by location because this gives you immediate visibility among local audience.

Offline Brand Mentions

Even though online channels are still seen as obligatory tactics for businesses of all sizes, certain offline promotion strategies can be as effective. For example, if you’re targeting only the people from your city, you can find different local stores or otherwise crowded places to share your permotional materials.

Yet, these don’t only have to be standard leaflets; you can make use of creative point of sale displays or shelf wobblers to draw attention to your product in either your own store or other places in your city. Some great ideas you can get from this Melbourne company that does commercial printing, which offers many different solutions for local advertising and promotion. Of course, you can probably find some similar companies in your city as well to cut the possible delivery and implementation costs of such solutions.


To build a successful local business, one must have to pay attention to the ways its name is promoted in targeted circles. This is why your focus should be only on relevant channels, either online or offline, because they represent the most efficient and most affordable way for you to grow. By combining multiple strategies, you can certainly see some notable results of your efforts. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Twitter’s Latest “Quality Filter” Initiated Rolling Out To Verify iOS Users

Twitter can be a cesspool of harassing, which CEO Dick Costolo conceded in an inside reminder has taken a toll the micro blogging stage clients. In the course of recent months, on the other hand, the organization has made a few noteworthy moves to stop trolling. The most recent is another “quality channel” that lets confirmed clients get rid of tricky tweets from their warnings. 

The highlight was spotted by tech blogger and business person Anil Dash prior today.

Twitter told TechCrunch that the highlight is presently taking off to confirmed clients on iOS, and the methodology gives off an impression of being progressing (I have a checked record yet haven’t recognized the quality channel in my settings yet). We’ve requested more data on when it will be accessible to different clients also.

The quality channel isn’t a radical new device, it is fundamentally an augmentation of an alternate highlight for confirming clients called customized sifting, which let them select an altered adaptation of their warnings timetable in view of the components like which different clients they had the most communications with. Quality channel essentially extends that usefulness to all warning alternatives.

From a key angle, it bodes well that Twitter is making the highlight accessible first for checking clients, since those are generally the individuals with the most adherents (and thusly the most trolls). Non-confirmed clients, nonetheless, likewise, need to adapt to torment, which the organization has recognized by taking off new hostile to badgering devices since the end of a year ago.

These incorporate a highlight that makes it simpler for individuals to report misuse to the law authorization and a suite of devices intended to make it speedier to report various types of badgering, particularly for clients on Twitter’s versatile applications. The stage has likewise been attempting to select serial trolls by following their telephone numbers (however that arrangement is not as much as perfect in light of the fact that you don’t have to supply your telephone number to open another record).

As TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez noted a week ago, as of not long ago Twitter has been more responsive than proactive regarding managing tormenting, however a few prominent episodes (counting #gamergate, the provocation of Robin William’s little girl after his passing, and Ashley Judd’s choice to squeeze charges against trolls) have tossed the issue into the spotlight and constrained the organization to make new moves to guarantee the well being of its clients.

Twitter Faced Sex Discrimination Law Case Suite

A previous Twitter specialist has recorded a sex separation claim against her ex-business, asserting that advancement opportunities are prevented to ladies on the grounds that for securing self-assertive advancement approaches inside Twitter that unlawfully support men.

Tina Huang, who as indicated by her LinkedIn profile worked at Twitter between October 2009 and June 2014 on the versatile group and the designer benefit group, documented the proposed class activity suit last Thursday in California state court.

Citizens cite from Huang’s grievance in which she expresses: “The organization’s advancement framework makes an unreasonable impediment for ladies that can’t be clarified or legitimized by any sensible business reason, on the grounds that Twitter has no significant advancement process for these employments: no distributed advancement criteria, nor any inside contracting, headway, or application forms for representing.”

In the grumbling, Huang says she was ignored for advancement in 2013 without sufficient clarification — regardless of years of administration, incredible assessments by companions and directors and an unlucky deficiency of feedback or disciplinary issues.

The absence of a formal advanced methodology on Twitter, for example, distributed criteria or an application procedure, has prompted a ‘tap on the shoulder’ culture that unreasonably progresses men, she affirms.

Disappointment with the misty advancement methodology drove Huang to email Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in March a year ago itemizing her worries. As per court archives got by Mashable she says she was then quickly put on leave while the organization led an examination, and consequently felt she had no real option except to leave following three months “without clarification as to the status of the examination, or notice of any conceivable time period for her arrival to work”.

In her grumbling Huang noticed that numerous early Twitter procures now hold senior administration positions — and every one of them are men. She additionally says she discovered that seven men had been elevated to the senior staff architect level at Twitter.

She claims Twitter has remembered it has an “all inclusive, pervasive issue of segregation” — taking note of that it has directed inside differences studies, concentrating on boundaries to ladies’ headway, and as of late started giving “inclination alleviation” preparing over the organization.

The previous summer Twitter’s own particular assorted qualities report recorded a general sexual orientation equalization of representatives that skews 70:30 male. For tech representatives, particularly the skew increments of 90:10. Also, in terms of initiative parts Twitter reported only a fifth of such parts being held by ladies, with a 79:21 skew favor to men.

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

The Right Way to Ship Your Products from Your Online Store


Most founders of online stores face the same problems all over again. Since there is no way for their customers to buy a particular product directly, these products need to be delivered to them somehow. However, the costs of shipping, which may be really high, drive the customers away from the idea of buying your products. No matter how affordable your products are, once when the shipping and handling rates are added, they might seem too pricey for your potential buyers.

Another problem online shop owners need to cope with is the sole shipping. How can you be sure that the product wouldn’t get damaged during the transport? Well, if you want to make your products completely safe, you need to know how to ship them properly.

Here are some amazing ways to ship your products and not disappoint your customers.

Cardboard Packaging



One of the most amazing and yet affordable solutions for shipping your products is using natural brown cardboard packaging. For example, you can use it for corrugated packages, such as mailers, wine shippers, storage files, moving boxes and so on. At the same time, large cardboard packaging, such as packaging boxes with single or double walls, are amazing for bulky and heavy products. 


Bubble Mailers



Another amazing idea is buying durable bubble mailers with bubble wrap inside that will provide your products with extra protection during the transport. Although it maybe doesn’t seem so, bubble mailers have numerous great advantages, especially when it comes to shipping. They enable cheap and safe shipping for a really wide range of products, which makes them extremely popular in the online stores. Instead of bubble mailers, some online companies use two boxes, one of which would be for the sole product and the other one for protection and sticking shipping labels.


Packaging Solutions for More Demanding Products 


If the very nature of the products you need to ship calls for it, you can even opt for steel cages, which are durable and designed not to buckle under the pressure. No matter what kind of product you are planning to ship, steel cages can be a perfect solution for you. They are usually available in rigid and collapsible designs and produced in various dimensions.


Branding Your Packaging



If you want your online store to be recognized easily, you need to brand your packages. The most common way for doing that is by ordering boxes, on which your logo is printed. However, if you want to save your money and to start up really quickly, there is another great solution. Instead of printing your boxes, you can also order stickers with your company’s logo, which will save you a fortune. There are several different types and sizes of stickers, depending on their purpose. For example, huge stickers are sealed to large boxes, while small ones have a decorative function and they are sealed down the paper wrapper inside the box.


Printing Labels



Writing address by hand when you want to send a package is not that professional. If you have the same problem too, you could try out label stickers that can be printed by any laser printer. The only disadvantage of such items is that they require spending a lot of time on their preparation. For example, you need to enter the entire address into MS Word, after which you need to use full sheet of labels.

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