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How to select the Best Web Designer Company



Over the years information technology industry is spreading its roots like a superbug virus. Every other industry is directly or indirectly dependent on internet for its growth and functioning.


This gave a rise to web development market which led to the formation of various web designing giants later developed into a formally administered companies or firms.


Today if you want to hire some individual or organization for web development services you will get millions of search results on your browser, you have so many options to choose from, but now the question arises that which specific web development company you would choose which provides you the best services and you receive value for your money.

So, here are some characteristics which a well administered web design company must possess so that you a customer can get most out their money.

1. Check out portfolio of web design company



A great portfolio gives an idea about the work experience and history of the web development company. You can easily look for various elements of web designing services, creativity level, artistic abilities etc. Portfolio shows previous work history with records of clients and projects the company worked with.

You can easily compare them with other contemporaries and select the best.
2. Are they providing good customer service

No matter how brilliant or genius guys you have hired for your work but if they don’t communicate well enough with you, it can turn a disaster for your business specially if your work is time sensitive.

Sometimes customers are trapped by part-time freelancers who work just for earning extra bucks, and this can degrade your work.

3. Always prefer the most skilled personnel


Always select those who are technically sound and is skillful enough to understand even minute details of your work.

You will find many web designing firms which are cheap and cost effective and offer favorable discounts too but while hiring them you compromise with the quality of work you need for your project.

4. Fits according to your chronology


In business world, there is a famous saying time is money. So, if your hire someone who doesn’t work according to your time boundation then it’s a total waste of your money, time and efforts. Always look for web developers who are most punctual when it comes to delivering services.

5. Look for firms giving full services

There are only few web designing firms which can give all web related services at once, but if you find someone who will give you all web solutions at one place viz SEO, e-commerce, branding, mobile compatibility, social media marketing etc.

If someone even offers these, they must possess a highly talented team of designers, developers and marketing experts.

6. Good communication skills

Your developer should be good at coding languages and maintain a sound grammatical knowledge. Even a talented programmer can worsen things with silly grammatical mistakes.

7. Are they well experienced in marketing and SEOs


A good and quality work is useless if it doesn’t get a fair audience so it is very important that web development agency has an expertise in promotional activities so that you may trend on the virtual world.

Another important aspect is specific keywords searching or simply SEO.

Know these simple things about SEO
  • Always make new and relevant contents with blogs and articles
  • Write a catchy and strong description and suitable tags
  • Include keywords in headings
  • Use keywords all over the article
  • Add website to online business directories
  • Create a sitemap for search engines to crawl
8. Check customer reviews and reference

Always check reviews and references about web development company you are interested in from previous customers and review/ratings on the internet.

9. Social media presence


Social media platforms are best for direct interaction to audiences. Web development companies must give services regarding social sites viz Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

10. Cost effective

Consider all above characteristics while looking for most cost-effective offers.



5 BI Trends to Follow in 2016


There are many things towards which we should look for in the upcoming months. Many things that already exist will soon fall from lips of everyone in the business. Many business intelligence trends are already on the rise, and will reach their peak in the following days. Here is the list of the 5 business intelligence trends which you should definitely follow in 2016.


Visual Data Discovery

Even the data scientists have problems with the huge amount of big data collected. Once they step inside the data, they have no idea where it might lead. And so they begin their analysis with visual data discovery in order to find any patterns or clues in data sets that at first sight seem completely impenetrable. There are many data visualization tools which help them in this endeavor to discover the relationship between data elements across multiple sets for data analysis. Similar to visual data discovery, other tools such as exploration visual tools will allow you to dig even deeper inside Big Data in order to find even better results. In 2016, exploration visual analytics will reach their peak, and overall data reading and analyzing will become more effective and much easier for everyone.


Data Virtualization



This business intelligence trend is definitely something to look after in the months to come. Namely, data virtualization is all about integrating any data from real time into coherent data services which support business transactions, analytics and other patterns. Agile data integration is incoming I 2016, and along with it the approaches which see data as a virtual and abstract layer, totally independent of other database systems, structures and storage methods.


2016 is the Evolution of Self-service Business Intelligence



Remember how ATMs evolved from a simple money dispenser to a complete bank-account management terminal? The same thing will happen with the self service, for it will mature, evolve and spread to the masses. The self service will not be delivered through tools; instead, it will become integrated in many apps and interfaces. Self-service analytics will take it to the entire next level, and the entire business intelligence will not be just for analysts. This will lead to more and more companies boosting their businesses with self-service data processing tools. Having a reliable business intelligence software which keeps evolving is crucial for running a successful business.




The term bootstrapping has totally different meaning and interpretation for programmers, entrepreneurs and statisticians. In terms of business intelligence to look after in 2016, it stands for yet another strategy of analyzing data that at first sight seems impenetrable. Basically, it works by building a complex analysis from a very simple starting point, and by doing it over and over again, it will estimate the accuracy of your entire estimates about the data set. The model is self-evolving, meaning that it learns from every previous model and data. Therefore, its rise this year will be a blast, especially in the field of data analysis.


New Technologies Will Rise to Fill in the Gaps



There are a number of new technologies arising inside the field of business intelligence. Once they are launched to the market, many gaps are left unfilled. New companies will rise to do just that- fill the gaps left by others. NoSQL data integration, IoT data integration, Hadoop accelerators, new and improved social media – all of these provide great opportunities for companies to start up. The “gap fillers” will rise in 2016 and many companies will see this opportunity as their own, and seize it. This will lead to a market consolidation. Once this happens, all those single solutions will now embrace the probability of other new solutions included by these new technologies.


Big data will become more familiar this year, and we will finally be able to visualize everything. Our homes will become offices optimized for data analysis, smart appliances will be everywhere and our life will change with the addition of all these smart applications. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

The Web Page of Your Company – Give it a Facelift


It really goes without a saying that, in today’s highly globalized world, every serious company that wants to grow needs proper website. Business landscape is making its shift towards digitalized web space in huge steps and the rise of cloud technology is making this transformation even faster so it would be senseless to ignore all the advantages consistent web presence can provide. But, is simply being online enough? As we can notice through various examples technology, as well as our sensibilities, is making rapid changes so it important to keep up with latest trends. Here are few examples how.


Make it Mobile-Friendly



We are obliged to move this off the table before proceeding to anything else. If you are informed about latest developments concerning Google’s empire you probably know by know what Mobilegeddon is. If not, Mobilegeddon is vernacular term that describes Google’s major search engine algorithm update, which essentially begun favoring websites optimized for mobile devices. Given the fact that today 60% of users are searching the web this way, Google’s decision doesn’t sound too controversial. In the end they are enforcing policy which is good for both sides – users will be able to visit websites much easier and companies will, therefore, make more money – so it is prescribed to jump on the bandwagon.


Ditch the Clutter



Clearing your website of all unnecessary clutter, such as pictures, animations and animated gifs is not only a move which will make it more visually appealing and in tune with latest design sensibilities, it will also drastically increase its ease of use and intuitiveness. There is one more thing. Since you are competing on global playing field, consider that some developing countries are still implementing older technologies for internet distribution so by skipping all the unnecessary clutter you will make great favor for local users and drastically cut the loading times. Remember, picture is worth a 1000 words, so make that picture count, because 1000 pictures is a noise.


Make it Easy to Navigate



It is strongly recommended to revisit your website’s layout and try to chart it, because you will be surprised how some decisions you made earlier may seem now. That doesn’t have to be your fault, or anyone’s who was involved in designing that layout because times are changing and something that didn’t seem too important back then and was thus buried under endless clicks, today may need to take more prominent place, maybe even on your homepage. Unintuitive layout will cause frustration and force visitors to move on to your competition so be sure to include secondary navigation option beneath primary navigation bar or any other element that will contribute to simplicity of navigation.


Move to the Cloud



Although is a bit of a drag to work your way and to use cloud-based servers to store your whole website, you can make a compromise here. Take the biggest files, such as videos, images, vectors and similar, and put only those to the cloud. Yes, the way might be around, but you will get faster response time and that’s why it will be worth the trouble. Not to mention that cloud is ever-present, so there is no worries that your site will crash. This trend is on the rise, according to experts for managed services Brisbane situated, and they also told me that by their experience, companies which have luxurious websites, but fast to response, have very high visit rate.

As we can see, almost every move we proposed is oriented towards making your website more accessible and more appealing to wider amount of people. In the end that should be your guiding principle for all other changes you will implement along the way. Website’s sole purpose is to reach new users so look from users’ perspective, make solutions which are utilitarian without compromising the visual appearance and you should be just fine. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

5 Mobile Apps That Help You Travel Smarter


In this day and age it is crucial that we utilize technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Traveling is no exception since there are hundreds of thousands of helpful travel apps out there and more coming out every day. These programs make our vacation planning less stressful, our payments and transactions seamless and our quests for places to see easier than ever. What follows are some of the best travel apps for 2015 and hopefully the list will provide you with much-needed insight into how to optimize your whole vacation experience.





When we plan our holidays, usually what we do is search for interesting places to visit prior to arrival. The problem with this is that we, as tourists, get to see the usual attractions of a certain place. There is a problem, however, if we want to explore the local culture, history or cuisine and entertainment. This is where Localeur comes in handy.


This app is a guidebook made by the locals themselves. Each Localeur writer has their own profile on which they provide insight into the local culture. They write entertaining articles about their experiences in certain venues and reveal what you should expect if visiting that particular restaurant, bar or anything else worth paying a visit to. The list and articles read as friendly emails and are full of valuable pieces of information.





This is another useful travel companion, especially if you want to be careful about how you manage your budget. The app allows you to search for hotels and flights by their prices. Anyone who had tried Kayak knows that their search is often everything you need to find the best deals.


Imagine that your flight got cancelled and you quickly have to reserve another one. Yes, you could try the usual way of finding another one, but if you were to just open Kayak, you would realize that the app will provide you with exactly what you are looking for and save you some hard earned cash.


Gas Buddy



Travelling by car can be a  very costly endeavor, because, while you can calculate how much  you need to get to the desired location, you cannot know for sure how high the gas prices are in a certain place.


Gas Buddy is an app that connects peers who provide drivers with information on where one can find the cheapest possible gas prices. The more people use it, the greater the network. The less you pay for gas, the more cash you have to spend on things that are more important. That being said, I  think this is a great traveller’s companion.





This app is your personal meteorologist, and it cost absolutely nothing. Situations in which this app is usefull are countless. If you don’t know the language of the country you are staying in, you definitely cannot presume what the weather will be like just from watching a forecast.


Weather+Free gives you information on the weather circumstances in English, wherever you are. This app just might make the difference between a ruined night and a successful one. It features humidity,  temperature, local time, visibility, wind speed and numerous other relevant parameters. Quite neat!






If you hate receipts, as well as managing and tracking your expenses, then this piece of software will be your best travel companion ever. It will help you with your expense management, with the sheer power of its sophisticated algorithm.


Trippeo enables you to capture all the credit card transactions during your trip and makes it easy to review and submit expense reports for approval. This is perfect for your business trip, because you will have one less hassle to think about on an already important and semi-stressful occasion.


All of these apps represent the future of travel and the direction in which we, as a race, are evolving and adapting to living and exploring the globe while going side-by-side with what today’s technology has to offer. The sooner we start using such tools, the better our experiences will be. So, if you are about to embark on a journey, don’t forget to try out some of these apps that scream- ‘We will make your life easier!’. 

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

How to Excel in Using Excel


Being proficient in Microsoft Office is something that practically goes without saying nowadays, sort of a common knowledge for everyone who is a regular computer user. Furthermore, it is often a basic requirement for any job opening on the market, shoulder to shoulder with having a driver’s license or a high school degree. Therefore, this time we will concentrate on providing tips on how to become a proficient user of Excel, a part of Office package that is a standard for doing any successful office work today.


Excel in General



To begin with, you need to grasp what Excel is all about. Excel is a spreadsheet application that allows numerous types of calculation, pivot tables, graphic tools and even programming. It can be used for in depth statistical, financial or engineering purposes as well as provide an interactive, custom designed interfaces that are able to automatically use external databases and send scheduled emails to a customizable list of recipients.


Main Screen



It is always best to start learning the basics. Mastering the user interface is a necessary step for any further usage. The main screen consists of five parts. Ribbon contains every feature that Excel offers and depicts them in a very straightforward way. Several thousand of Excel features are grouped in several ribbons, such as Home, Formulas, Insert and Data. Formula Bar is a place where all your formulas calculations will show, and they are often the most sought after Excel feature. Quick Access Toolbar is pretty self-explanatory, it is a customizable area that contains all the shortcuts to Excel features you decide.  Spreadsheet Grid depicts currently active rows and columns, a current spreadsheet of dozens each Excel file can contain- it shows what you are currently working on.


Entering data



Spreadsheet is organized in numbered rows and alphabetized columns. They consist of cells that are marked by a number and a letter. The first one is A1 and they continue respectively. To enter data simply click on a cell and write it in. Enter or Tab moves you to the next one.





Practically any formula you need, or can think of is applicable in Excel. Be this a simple adding or multiplying or some complicated differential equations, there are few simple steps you need to follow. First of all, entering an equal sign (=) into a certain cell makes Excel aware that the cell will contain a formula. The sky’s the limit from then on, you can practically enter any formula, include other cell in it, imported data and get the result automatically.





Creating a table is another simple move.  Simply mark the cells you want to include in it by selecting the first cell and drag the cursor to the last one you want to include. Next, click the Quick Analysis button that appears in the bottom right corner of the selection you just made and then click Table. When you move the cursor to the Table button, you will see a preview of your future table. You can arrange the data in it in practically any imaginable way.





Showing your data in a chart is probably the next move. Select the data you wish to display and choose Charts from Quick Analysis button menu. If you like the preview, your chart is ready in a blink of an eye.


Advanced Level



As it was said before, Excel is a serious tool and mastering all its features requires significant time and practice. Due to complexity of some advanced features and their number in general, it is strongly advisable that you sign up for an excel course if you want to gain an advanced knowledge.


As with any other complex issue, it takes time to master it. The amount of it depends on the frequency of use and individual’s dedication. However, do not despair, every success starts with the basics.



Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Power Bank Case Review



There are tons of marketing tools to get by and you should learn that you could easily build traction and make the most of your marketing just by following the advices of marketing and getting ahead of your brand.


This is where you will learn that connecting with the best promo products as well as making sure that you are getting the best items out there that will make a huge difference.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has a power bank with case that will blow your mind. We all know that Samsung as well as other smart phones are unable to stay longer without the battery life. You should know that you need a huge battery life for it to work. This may come as a hard thing for you but focusing on items that truly bring huge difference to your brand will easily get you going.


You should know that you will be able to build real products these days and get you going for marketing just by focusing on items that complement the current product your clients have. This means that the more you use products that are meaningful and the ones that will bring about great results are the ones that will matter.


As you know, promotional products are quite useful these days for the fact that they bring you to the next level of marketing. They are products that last and that will keep your clients reminded about you. This also means that you will be able to build your brand quite efficiently these days. You should know that you can gain the best results just by focusing on items that truly make a huge impact to your brand. These items are really meaningful and they could build you products that will truly enhance marketing the right way. This is where you will have to think about items that goes hand in hand with the items your clients have.


Samsung has done a good job in providing everyone with a better smartphone for them to use. These are items that will bring about real products that create wonderful results just by using them for productivity and being able to use for work. These items are great to have and they mean a lot for marketing if you really think about it.


So what makes you resistant on using products to maximize the use of this product? The items that you could use to truly build your brand is to focus on customized items that will bring about results in the marketing world and truly get into the right track of promotional items. These are the ones that will easily make a huge impact. Items like customized USB power bank are great for marketing since they will bring about great results in marketing that will get you going. You don’t even have to worry so much about it since they work and they will be able to enhance the user experience in a drift.


As a company, you want to have these items since they work and they will definitely get you going for your marketing and they will easily gain you the perspectives that will easily make a huge bind for your brand.


This may seem a huge cost for a gamble but no, with customized usb power bank, you lower your risk of failing greatly. You definitely enhance your brand and make sure that you get the best results just by following these advices and getting in touch with your clients. This is really awesome and it will get you going easily for everything.



Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Hints on Setting up a Powerful Media Room

Having a dedicated media room surely is a dream of every music and film aficionado. When the opportunity finally arises it is important to follow a number of steps in order to get the best results from the equipment you plan to install, as well as acoustic and other important characteristics of the room you plan to use as your dedicated media room. Both of these matters, the equipment and the room characteristics, play equally important role in obtaining the best possible results and that is why everyone would benefit from useful hints on how to set up a truly awesome media room. Here they are.


To Each Its Own

There is one initial decision that you absolutely need to make, as you can either go for a music oriented media room or want a home theater. True, movie fans usually have no complaints about listening to their favorite music through a movie theater system as long as their watching experience is undisturbed. On the other hand, dedicated music lovers will never have that touch of perfection unless their home system is uncompromisingly dedicated solely to listening of their beloved tunes.  Therefore, first choose the world and then start building it. Let us deal with home theaters first.



When it comes to choosing the most suitable screens there are two approaches, either you will use an LCD screen or a projection screen. The former leaves several options when it comes to positioning:  it can be hung on the wall or positioned on the dedicated stand, depending on the size of the screen itself and the space you have on your walls, as well. When it comes to projection screens, the best results are achieved by hanging them on the wall, or using a roll down ones that are fixed to your ceiling and used when required.

Whichever you opt for, in this case you will need to have a projector. Naturally, as with the LCD screens, the highest the resolution it provides, the better viewing experience you will have. Luckily, the choice that lies ahead of you is almost infinite and the only limiting factors are your budget and aesthetic preferences. In case of projectors, pay attention to the life expectancy of their lamps too; the longer, the better.


Speakers and Receivers

Choosing a 5.1 or a 7.1 speaker system would be the smartest choice, and which would be better depends on the size of your media room and what you expect your surround system to play. The principal difference is that 7.1 system divides surround and rear channel signals into four channels, compared to two in 5.1 systems. To make sure your room can support them, do check these diagrams before making a final decision (5.1 and 7.1).

After settling the speakers matter, move onto receiver choice. Obviously it needs to support the speaker surrounding system you choose and match it in power. All major manufacturers offer surround system receivers and the best way to choose is to try them on your speaker system in your media room. Major vendors will surely make this possible and this is a step you should not skip.


Separate Audio System

If this is your primary choice, the same home theater route avails you, only with audio oriented devices. The biggest difference is in the field of speaker options. The best music listening experience is achieved by using stereo setup, i.e. using at least two speakers. The sky is the limit here, when it comes to budget and your initial choice would be bookshelf or floor standing speakers, again depending on the size of your room. When it comes to stereo amplifier choice, once more the match between it and the speakers is what determines the overall sound performance and once again home tryout is the way to go. Acoustic treatment of the room can do wonders when it comes to sound quality and you should look into this matter as well.


Outside Media Room

Having a media room totally separated from your house is a great way to improve the solitude of your listening or viewing experience, something that we often dream about. A container customized to your needs is a great easily installed solution and a more affordable one compared to building a separate room. However, do not forget to perform acoustic treatment in order to get the maximum out of it.


As you can see, this is a vast topic that needs to be carefully studied, accompanied with several try outs before making a final decision. Still, it will all be worthwhile once you play your favorite song or see your favorite movie.

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

RSS Feeds Your Daily Life Needs


RSS feeds are in general a great thing, but you need to know that it is all up to you. If you are using them for various irrelevant things, such as the celebrity news, or if you are getting overwhelmed with the stuff you are not interested in, you ought to change something immediately and start using this service properly. It is right in front of you, offering a world of helpful and useful information, so stop ignoring it or letting it get spammed with useless news and make a really good use of it.





Let us get this clear right away. It is totally fine if you want to know what the celebs are doing and there is nothing wrong if some kind of news pop up every now and then in your feed, but if that is all there is, it is to be changed as soon as possible. First of all, you will need to calculate approximately how much time you can spend shuffling through your feeds on a daily basis. The next step is choosing the right feeds and getting rid of the ones you truly do not need. Otherwise, it could become tricky and get out of control. There are two possible case scenarios. The first one is that you would be spending more time than you actually can allow yourself to, because you would be reading both things you want to and those you do not feel attracted to. The second case scenario is equally bad. In this one you would be missing some cool stuff, because they would be swamped among all the other unimportant garbage.


Make a Choice



Depending on your interests, lifestyle, gender or profession, you are going to choose some feeds to follow. For instance, men would probably aim for a good car blog, while women would most likely go for something about fashion, but here are some RSS feeds everyone can enjoy.


I Am a Food Blog is an outstanding, award-winning page that everyone should follow, since it could greatly help you stay fit and healthy, while eating delicious food.


Another important thing beside health is the science. There are some extraordinary websites, such as the io9 or the Science Daily, which will regularly provide you with many fascinating scientific facts.


If you feel down or even if you do not, you ought to follow a feed that can always cheer you up or help you stay in a good mood. One of those surely is the Everyday Power Blog that will often surprise you with a random motivational, inspiring quote on love, life, friendship and such; or if you are into comics, you should find a webcomic, something like the Webcomic Overlook, and save some space in your bag. There are many people who love reading amusing facts about the world we live in, so if you are one of them, head to the Interesting Thing of The Day and follow it at once.


This brief lesson about the RSS feeds is hopefully going to be useful to you and it surely will be if you take our advice. That way, this article could be considered as some sort of a lifehack and if you want some more of these, you better check out a bonus feed we are recommending – the Lifehacker.

Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

An Insight into Modular Data Centers


With so many people starting their businesses in today’s harsh market, it’s no surprise that a number of them are trying to be special and unique, in every way possible – aware than only those who stick out of the crowd become successful, they are finding new and innovative ways to be noticed. Those include new approaches in client communication, interesting and unusual locations or branding, as well as fresh marketing techniques and solutions.


Among the most fun ones are business owners who literally take their company on the road – we have all seen venders offering food, coffee and ice-creams out of food trucks, but there are those who provide medical services in mobile medical ambulance buses. One of those that have been gaining popularity is modular data center, so here are a few things you need to know about them.


The What and the Why




Modular data center systems are essentially an intricate upgrade of the regular, so-called traditional data centers, include the same equipment and enable the same operations, but their perks are mobility and accessibility. In short, both types of data centers are used to accommodate computers and servers, as well as all the entire technology needed to operate a certain system.

While generally housed in a closed space serving as a headquarters of the said system with electrical supplies, backups, storage and other items, they are also being taken outside of a closed space. This enables them to be more mobile, as well as move easily around the town. Finally, users and customers can have data capacity close-by – the same logic is used with currently quite popular food trucks, for example: they combine lower investment costs and easily operated device that ensures profit and excitement.


Modifications and Changes 



Modular data centers often contain all the components of a traditional data center, but they are modified, scaled and combined in order to occupy less space. First of all, they have to have the essentials – modules and components that run the servers, as well as power and network capacities, and cooling options – included by default, but what mobile options offer is the chance to be integrated into an existing environment. For example, if your company already has a data center, a mobile one can be added to it or combined with present systems. Also, since they are mobile, they can be moved from one place to another, and not only in the same town, but also worldwide.





There are basically two types of modular data centers, depending on their structure – they can be fitted into shipping containers and portable facilities. The first type, most often called containerized or portable modular data center, is fitted into a shipping container, a popular and solid structure that withhold harsh weather as well as accommodate numerous people and pieces of equipment. Due to its mobility and portable structure, you can take it anywhere you want and transfer as many times as needed. Among its biggest advantages are easy maintenance and quickly installed cooling systems.


Even though the second type of modular data centers doesn’t have a particular name and is less common than the first one, it still is high quality and satisfies the needs of the users. It’s build in facilities that are portable and made out of already made components, so it can be easily assembled and built where necessary. Also, it can present an additional space adjoined to the existing one. Using portability as an advantage, this type of mobile data centers is popular at not easily accessible locations and places.


Perks and Benefits



Since not all companies can afford data centers in separate buildings, or don’t even have a need for them, mobile solutions are gaining popularity and attention. There are several perks they include – from obvious mobility and lower costs (when compared to the traditional data centers) to ecologically aware production and eco-friendly usage. Their essence lies in quick setup, reasonable cost and the option of being combined with existing data centers.




Vipul Verma (CEO of Valferdo and YouthUtility) is a certified digital analyst who helps online businesses to perform better on the web with best solutions & advice. His content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs. 

Twitter’s Latest “Quality Filter” Initiated Rolling Out To Verify iOS Users

Twitter can be a cesspool of harassing, which CEO Dick Costolo conceded in an inside reminder has taken a toll the micro blogging stage clients. In the course of recent months, on the other hand, the organization has made a few noteworthy moves to stop trolling. The most recent is another “quality channel” that lets confirmed clients get rid of tricky tweets from their warnings. 

The highlight was spotted by tech blogger and business person Anil Dash prior today.

Twitter told TechCrunch that the highlight is presently taking off to confirmed clients on iOS, and the methodology gives off an impression of being progressing (I have a checked record yet haven’t recognized the quality channel in my settings yet). We’ve requested more data on when it will be accessible to different clients also.

The quality channel isn’t a radical new device, it is fundamentally an augmentation of an alternate highlight for confirming clients called customized sifting, which let them select an altered adaptation of their warnings timetable in view of the components like which different clients they had the most communications with. Quality channel essentially extends that usefulness to all warning alternatives.

From a key angle, it bodes well that Twitter is making the highlight accessible first for checking clients, since those are generally the individuals with the most adherents (and thusly the most trolls). Non-confirmed clients, nonetheless, likewise, need to adapt to torment, which the organization has recognized by taking off new hostile to badgering devices since the end of a year ago.

These incorporate a highlight that makes it simpler for individuals to report misuse to the law authorization and a suite of devices intended to make it speedier to report various types of badgering, particularly for clients on Twitter’s versatile applications. The stage has likewise been attempting to select serial trolls by following their telephone numbers (however that arrangement is not as much as perfect in light of the fact that you don’t have to supply your telephone number to open another record).

As TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez noted a week ago, as of not long ago Twitter has been more responsive than proactive regarding managing tormenting, however a few prominent episodes (counting #gamergate, the provocation of Robin William’s little girl after his passing, and Ashley Judd’s choice to squeeze charges against trolls) have tossed the issue into the spotlight and constrained the organization to make new moves to guarantee the well being of its clients.

Twitter Faced Sex Discrimination Law Case Suite

A previous Twitter specialist has recorded a sex separation claim against her ex-business, asserting that advancement opportunities are prevented to ladies on the grounds that for securing self-assertive advancement approaches inside Twitter that unlawfully support men.

Tina Huang, who as indicated by her LinkedIn profile worked at Twitter between October 2009 and June 2014 on the versatile group and the designer benefit group, documented the proposed class activity suit last Thursday in California state court.

Citizens cite from Huang’s grievance in which she expresses: “The organization’s advancement framework makes an unreasonable impediment for ladies that can’t be clarified or legitimized by any sensible business reason, on the grounds that Twitter has no significant advancement process for these employments: no distributed advancement criteria, nor any inside contracting, headway, or application forms for representing.”

In the grumbling, Huang says she was ignored for advancement in 2013 without sufficient clarification — regardless of years of administration, incredible assessments by companions and directors and an unlucky deficiency of feedback or disciplinary issues.

The absence of a formal advanced methodology on Twitter, for example, distributed criteria or an application procedure, has prompted a ‘tap on the shoulder’ culture that unreasonably progresses men, she affirms.

Disappointment with the misty advancement methodology drove Huang to email Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in March a year ago itemizing her worries. As per court archives got by Mashable she says she was then quickly put on leave while the organization led an examination, and consequently felt she had no real option except to leave following three months “without clarification as to the status of the examination, or notice of any conceivable time period for her arrival to work”.

In her grumbling Huang noticed that numerous early Twitter procures now hold senior administration positions — and every one of them are men. She additionally says she discovered that seven men had been elevated to the senior staff architect level at Twitter.

She claims Twitter has remembered it has an “all inclusive, pervasive issue of segregation” — taking note of that it has directed inside differences studies, concentrating on boundaries to ladies’ headway, and as of late started giving “inclination alleviation” preparing over the organization.

The previous summer Twitter’s own particular assorted qualities report recorded a general sexual orientation equalization of representatives that skews 70:30 male. For tech representatives, particularly the skew increments of 90:10. Also, in terms of initiative parts Twitter reported only a fifth of such parts being held by ladies, with a 79:21 skew favor to men.

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